About us

Shine-Brite Exterior Cleaning serves Western Wisconsin for their Pressure Washing & SoftWashing needs.  SoftWashing is used in residential and commercial applications. Call us to clean your house or business building walls, roofs, sidewalks, driveways, decks, outdoor furniture and more.  Dedicated to transforming your premises to an environmentally clean home or establishment, making it attractive, inviting and professional looking. 

Committed to getting the job done, we are proud to be trained and knowledgeable in our trade.  We use the right technology, one that is top-notch and gets the most of your cleaning substances.  Connecting with other professionals in the industry, we stay on the leading edge of this cleaning technology. 

Completely safe and 100% efficient, all materials we use are premium products corresponding to the strictest industry standards.  Shine-Brite Exterior Cleaning is helping to make Western Wisconsin a safer and cleaner looking and healthier community.

 We offer estimates free of charge in a timely manner. Shine-Brite Exterior Cleaning provides the highest quality service at a competitive price. Give us a call to see what our residential or commercial services can do for you.  We promise thorough, efficient, safe, and professional service with a smile and respect for your property. 



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